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Fees & Charges


For preparation of standard personal, investor or individual business returns we charge a fixed fee.

For more complex returns it is necessary to charge on the basis of time directly incurred to complete the documentation.

Our minimum fee for preparing and lodging a return is $275.00 inc GST

If we undertake to prepare a return for a fixed fee the total fee for preparing a return is calculated on the basis

of the number of schedules that are required to be completed as follows: -

Main Form - Individual Tax Return Form:

Main Form Preparation                                                                                   $ 275.00    

Each Additional Schedule Form:

A Work Related Expense Schedules                 $ 175.00
B Rental Property Schedules $ 175.00
C New Rental Property Schedules $ 220.00
D Capital Gains Calculation                                      $ 175.00
E Capital Allowance Schedules                                        $ 110.00
F Business Schedule (Individual with ABN)      $ 440.00

Other Services:

G   PAYG witholding variation short application                                  
$ 330.00 
H ABN Application       $ 220.00
I GST Application $ 110.00
J    Standard Proprietary Company Incorporation:-   
Proprietary Company Including ABN & TFN Application                  
Total Costs                                                                 

Set up Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF):-               
Trustee Company   $   630.00
Trust Deed $   165.00
Our Assistance Fee Including ABN & TFN Application $1,000.00
Total Costs $1,795.00
L   Set up SMSF Borrowing Trust Deed (Property Custodian Trust Deed):-
Trustee Company   $  630.00
Deed & Loan Agreement - Bank Lender
$  195.00
Our Assistance Fee Including various compliance issues
Total Costs $1,950.00


 * All Prices Include GST

We accept payment by the way of cheque, EFT, MasterCard or Visa Card.

We also accept American Express cards subject to a 2.00% surcharge

It is a requirement that payment be made prior to lodgement of your Income Tax Return.

Fees for our services do not cover any inquiries or investigations conducted by the Australian Taxation Office.

Should you have any further questions please click here to email us.

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